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Structuring and carefully managing your investment portfolio is an integral part of the overall financial planning and wealth management strategy and a key component to meeting your goals and objectives.

At JVL Associates, we start by helping you determine both your risk tolerance and your risk capacity. Your personal risk tolerance is determined by your emotional and intellectual ability to withstand volatility and a given degree of loss. Your personal risk capacity is your financial ability to withstand volatility or loss of principal. We then base the construction of your overall investment portfolio on these criteria, developing an approach that is customized to you.

Our core investment philosophy is that diversification through asset allocation is the most important determinant of long-term risk and reward in an investment portfolio. This strategy breaks the world financial markets into separate and distinct asset classes that perform somewhat independently of each other over time. By utilizing many different asset classes over longer periods of time, we strive to reduce overall risk while enhancing your reward.

To design your ideal portfolio, we select a mix of both passive and actively managed securities based on your needs. We seek low-cost exchange-traded funds (ETFs) as the primary component of each asset class. We also select individual stocks, bonds, or mutual funds when we believe they will add value within your risk and reward profile. Using our three decades of tax experience, we manage each investment portfolio to be as tax efficient as possible, focusing on the risk and return of your investment portfolio on an after-tax basis.

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    Year End Tax Tips For Business Owners And Family Wealth


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