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JVL Associates helps our clients -- successful business owners, families with accumulated wealth, and individuals with substantial retirement assets -- make smart financial decisions. By listening closely to our clients' unique goals and concerns, walking them through available alternatives, and carefully explaining the risks and rewards of each strategy, we provide clear, concise financial advice and customized solutions to address your needs. Our clients include:

Successful business owners

We provide business owners with integrated financial services to address both their business and personal planning needs. We help these clients diversify their wealth by managing their liquid assets, allowing them to concentrate on running their business. We overlay this strategy with a comprehensive plan for insurance, tax, and estate planning needs, as well as providing advice on wealth transfer strategies to protect existing wealth for future generations.

We also help former business owners who have experienced a sudden liquidating event from the sale of their business. We develop strategies for investing assets in both traditional investment portfolios and non-traditional family investment companies. Protecting family wealth is a primary focus for our planning process.

Multi-generational families

We provide coordinated financial and investment planning among different family members and multiple generations to help ensure maximum retention of assets. Utilizing trusts, charitable foundations, and family investment companies, we help clients develop long-term strategies for family wealth. By integrating all family members into the process, we help plan and protect wealth for current and future generations.


Individuals receiving a lump-sum retirement plan distribution often need help developing strategies to successfully invest those funds for the long term. We implement investment strategies within the context of an overall financial plan to ensure that those funds can meet the client's financial needs for the balance of their lives and assets are successfully transferred to their heirs at the appropriate time.

IRA rollover candidates

Establishing an IRA to receive proceeds from an employer-provided retirement account, 401(k) plan, or inheritance is both an opportunity and a challenge. We work with rollover candidates to review all available options and explore the tax considerations of the various alternatives. We also help to distinguish between IRA rollover accounts, regular IRA accounts, Roth IRA accounts, and beneficiary-designated IRA accounts. In addition, we develop appropriate investment strategies to manage those funds for the long term.

Inheritors and divorcees

Individuals who suddenly receive significant assets through an inheritance or divorce use our services to help integrate these newly acquired assets into their overall financial planning strategy. We review existing financial plans and enable the transition to strategies that are more appropriate for holders of larger estates. We also assist in developing plans for passing these assets on to future generations with a minimal erosion of assets.

Working professionals

Individuals and couples who are in the process of saving large amounts for the financial security of themselves and their families work with us to create an overall financial plan to help accumulate wealth to provide for their children's education and their own future retirement.

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    One Minute Retirement Income Planning Tip


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